Friday, May 12, 2017

If we are talking honestly

I got a two pound bag of strictly cereal marshmallows last week that was sent to me by a friend and I am down to half the bag. Realistically its been only 5 days...

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A list of things that irk me.

I thought it would be tits to write a list of things that irk/irritate/annoy me and have that to look back on.

1) My top by far is watching and hearing people eat. It drives me up the freaking wall! I do not understand why, but it gives me the flaming fury ball of wanting to murder inside my gut.

2)Sarcasm. I can not pick up on it at all. I think my processing centers have a loose nut.

3) When someone pulls into the school parking lot and they get a spot after five minutes and I have been there for a half hour waiting for someone to leave.

4)When new people I don't know visit my moms or grandmothers and they pet my cats. Not cool. My fur babies.

5) When people tell me that I am 'actually pretty smart,' thanks but I was never dumb to begin with.

6)When I am taking a test and my lead runs out or breaks and flicks me in the face eerily close to my eye ball .

7) When people walk by and body slam your shoulder.

8) Preparing for the TEAS

9) Having to talk to my insurance company

10) The fact that my nephew is not 5 anymore and hasn't been for 6 years and counting.

Its cool. I can handle it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I am kinda back....

I thought blogging would be my thing but it wasn't and I had little to no interest since my last post. Now the interest is kind of back. I think I just want to share and track my time here.

When I arrived in the beginning of January...
It was -7 and this California girl was not prepared for that type of cold. If I had balls they would be ice cubes. That put Tahoe cold into the warm weather range. I prayed for Tahoe cold because CDA cold was unbearable! My face burned in the wind and walking to my classes sucked! I also looked like I stuck my finger in a socket because my hair was constantly charged.
I can not even count how many times I danced on the ice or sucker punched the ground with my ass it was definitely a winter learning time for me.

After living here for a few months I have adapted and found 50 to be comfortable and 60 to 70 degrees to be toasty. Every time I call my family back home they laugh because here I am boasting about the warmth that has come and they still consider that cold.
I think the hardest moments of this entire life change has been being away from my family. I had no idea how much I would miss them. I sometimes can not even call them because I get emotional.
Trying to get a job up here was nearly impossible during the winter and according to the locals this was the longest winter ever! I finally got a job and I start on the 23rd of May. I was offered a job earlier in the year but they were going to offer be $7.25 an hour which I though was a joke. I couldn't live on that. I don't think anyone could and I still cant believe that's a reality for someone. My current job is offering me $13 an hour and $22 an hour on Sundays. I can not wait to bring in the dollars because I am SO tired of being broke.
The nice thing is that I have made a few good friends at my college which has helped me pull through. I will say that the people of CDA,ID are incredibly friendly and kind. There have been a few that were ill towards me because I came from California but they can suck a turd.
There are unlimited number of trailed here and my new friend B (ill call her that for now) has been my adventure buddy. Now that it is warmer and once I start working and making money we have devised tons of plans to adventure and I can not wait. There are so many fun activities up here that I have yet to explore.

Until next time enjoy the sun and warm weather.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

When you wake up and dont feel like P Diddy...

Work to do at home...
Thinking about moving to Idaho...
Try to eat healthy, try to go to the gym, keep my sanity...

This past week I have seriously felt super overwhelmed and realized that I need to sit back and do some serious time management.
I am taking microbiology, statistics, and nutrition. I HONESTLY thought this was going to be my easiest semester because it was going to be my lightest class load; however I was wrong...
and its all statistics fault.
I have so much stuff to do in that class and its insane! Its in class work, homework on paper, online homework, and homework to do through a program called stat crunch and my brain is so out of sort.
Gif Source
I am incapable of thought and in glitch mode. I have decided to instead of meticulously writing out my days per hour like I usually do, I am instead going to set goals and give myself more freedom. I think I am putting myself in a box and with each timeslot I fill in my planner the smaller my box gets around me.
My plan for the week is to instead is to:
1) go to the gym at twice
2)finish nutrition by Thursday
3) have half of my math done by wed
4)eats some freaking fruit
5) try not to take my IBS/anxiety pills
6)don't mix my matcha with coffee

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My Workout Today and A Template For You :D

I had a rather short work out today and I only got through five of my twelve written out strength exercises but that is okay. I did some and I got 15 minutes of cardio in so I am a happy girl. I have provided a blank template for you from the template that word provides; however I altered it from the original because it had exercises pre chosen and it separated it by body part and it wasn't very functional. You cant do the same routine everyday and expect continuous results. You have to switch it up.  Enjoy! :D

Friday, August 19, 2016

Small Savers Haul #2

Another successful day for my Idaho winter preparation on a budget :D
Todays trip resulted in two items, but the savings are amazing and the items are freaking awesome!

The first Item I collected is a black pull over sweater from Without Walls by Urban Outfitters. The sweater was in the women's section, but after doing some research I found that it is actually a men's sweater. I love this sweater so much! The detail on the zipper inseam of the jacket is really cute. I also love that even though it looks like it has two pockets, it is actually a big pouch like a hoodie. The feeling of this sweater is extremely soft and thick. It also feels very well made and durable.

The original price for this sweater is $89.00 but I picked it up at savers for $5.99
OMG! Now the next item I picked up made me EXTREMLY happy and excited.

My actual reaction.

Photo Credit:Gif
While trudging through the racks of jackets and sweaters I noticed a super cute knit sleeve. I though to myself....dayum....that's a hot sleeve, so naturally I went to inspect this fine a$$ piece of material. I pull it out of the rack and its a LONG soft knit is so soft...and thick...and mama like... purr...purr purr.... When I say long I mean long too it goes down past my butt just before my leg pits.

I then notice its made by Kensie and it was under $10! Thank ya Jesus!

Picture Credit:Gif
Here Is this lovely masterpiece in all its is everything that I love in a cardigan/sweater. I got this baby for a steal at $8.99 with the original price being at $100.

Overall savings Original $189- Thrift $17 = Savings of $172

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Bucking Book Fiasco *sigh*


I had my first day back at college and I am in my third year and I am already having issues with BOOKS!!!!
(insert red face emoji with steam out of ears).
At my school we have a list that is given to use through a website that directs up to what books we need based on what the professor orders the school to buy for the library to then sell to us.
Well I had to drop $148 bucks on this book for microbiology because its a "special" edition for out college and its a loose leaf text so that means you can not buy it used or ever sell it back to anyone and I get to class only to find out the teacher made a mistake........fml
The rules for refunds are unopened and you have to show proof that you dropped the course because its just yet another way to run over the students...
So I walk in and spend 15-20 minutes of my new school year raging at the book store to get my money back for a unused still in the wrap book the school itself lead me to believe I needed. Oh and how my anxiety pushed me through the roof!
Gif Credit:

I don't really lose my temper, my anxiety just increases and I get shaky, loud, I talk extremely fast and I essentially go into panic mode and just repeat and look like a broken flitching robot. The manager must have sensed danger because he finally the gave up and gave me back my $148 before I clearly have a mental break down in the store. I could not believe that they wanted me to drop out of the class in order to get my money back.

Instead of dropping $148 bucks on that book I actually only needed to spend $24 bucks on a text from abesbooks which includes $8 expedited shipping.

So now I thought the worst was done right?All is well in the kingdom right?


There's more.

While searching online for the cheapest option for my nutrition class I suddenly get a notification. It is from my online classes website saying thank you for your purchase...
What purchase?
How did you get my credit card info?
I just made the account and was looking at payment options!

(dramatically throws self to the floor)

So now I am battling with them to get a return on an access code that I did not buy and I still have yet to get an answer on how they acquired my credit card number.
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